The way the world works has changed. Gone are the days of stuffy cubicles and claustrophobic offices. Today’s top talent demands more than a traditional office space, which is what we aspire to deliver at Mardian Development Co.

Meet with clients in a conference room crafted to make your business look its best. Collaborate in an office space created to inspire innovation and elevate successes. No matter how you work in your Mardian Development Co. commercial property, one thing is certain – you’ll be surrounded by a modern office built to help you thrive at work.

Barcelona Plaza

Barcelona_PlazaFlame, a Chinese restaurant, is located on the north side of the building.

Barcelona_Plaza2Fine Chinese dining is available at Flame.

Barcelona_plaza4The entrances to the dance studio and Skyline Cafe.

Barcelona_Plaza3An aerial view of Barcelona Plaza.

Barcelona Plaza

Barcelona Plaza was built as part of a 6 acre development. This commercial development included a 12,000 square foot retail building with 21 custom home lots. The well-known Skyline Cafe was the first tenant in Barcelona Plaza. This Italian restaurant overlooks the Reno skyline. Soon after, The Flame, a Chinese restaurant, also became a tenant at Barcelona Plaza. Today, there is also a dance studio available to people of all ages.

Plumb Tree Plaza

Plumb503w cloudsThe entrance to Bank of America at Plumb Tree Plaza.

PlumTreeThe entrance to the commercial buildings and Farmer’s Insurance.

PlumTree2An up close look at Plumb Tree Plaza.

Plumb Tree Plaza

The Plumb Tree Plaza is part of a four acre development, which includes three commercial buildings and nine semi-custom home lots. Housed in Plumb Tree Plaza is a Bank of America, Farmer’s Insurance agency and other businesses.

Vassar Street

05The entrance to welcome guests to the office buildings.

16The entrance to the self-storage facility.

09A close up look at the turrets of the office buildings.

Vassar Street

Vassar Street is part of a three acre development. This property features two Tuscan designed office building and a self-storage facility.