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High Street Townhomes For Sale in MidTown Reno



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A passion for excellence that shines through in our design concepts and craftsmanship.

The luxurious shapes and motifs that go into every Mardian Development Co. property are finished off with an obsessive attention to quality and detail. The end result: Flawless properties you’ll be proud to call yours.

High Street Townhomes, 16 contemporary townhomes available in 1 or 2 bedroom units, currently accepting submissions for a purchase priority list.


Your office is your brand. The quality of building you’re in represents the quality of services you provide. The design shows your customer you care. Every commercial building from Mardian Development Co. is built to make your business look its best.

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Breathe a sigh of relief when you walk through your doors. You’re home in a space that’s unique to your family. There are no manufactured, cookie cutter homes here. Embrace the authenticity found in every home crafted by Mardian Development Co

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Every project and property development requires the support of the right team. Mardian Development Co. is experienced and expert in pulling together the best resources to ensure there’s no detail that goes overlooked or unfinished.

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Where Quality Craftsmanship Meets Modern, Elegant Design.

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Through 40+ years of experience as a real estate developer, Mardian Development Co. has mastered the art of creating sophisticated properties admired by people from all walks of life.

Reno and Lake Tahoe’s Premier Luxury Real Estate Developers

Every project is born out of a passion for creating stunning buildings people will love to call their own. As the project progresses, this passion spills over into fine tuning every last detail. We’re proud to hand over the keys to every one of our buyers because we know with confidence that each property is created with a love for excellence.

We go to great lengths to put together the perfect team for each project. By gathering the finest general contracting services, Mardian Development Co. is able to make every property a masterpiece built with sturdy craftsmanship. It’s our integrity and ethical building standards that makes Mardian Development Co. properties so unique.

When you open the doors to your new property, you should feel a sense of pride wash over you. The elegant designs and sophisticated architecture found in every property we build will give you that warm sense of feeling at home in your new house or building. Welcome visitors through your doors with confidence knowing you’re putting your best foot forward.

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