More than 40 years ago, Mardian Development Co. started our first development project in the Lake Tahoe community. The focus then was to give luxury seekers a place to live and work in a quality crafted space.

Today, our goal remains the same. Our focus is to give the Reno, Sparks, Lake Tahoe and the surrounding communities both commercial and residential properties built with prestige.

Here’s your chance to get a glimpse into the future. See what new buildings are popping up around your community by looking at the latest projects under development at Mardian Development Co.

100 High Street

High Street Townhomes

The corner of Mill Street and High Street is currently under development to become 16 contemporary townhomes in the heart of midtown & Downtown Reno. Twelve (12) townhomes will be one-bedroom units, 1.5 baths 1 car garage and four (4) townhomes will be two-bedroom units, 2 baths, 2 car garage. View the architectural plans to get a feel for how this property will transform throughout the development process. Mardian Development is now taking submissions for a sales list that will be organized by time & date of submission click the “sales list” button below to learn more!

Richards Place Self Storage

Pyramid-Way-Complex---Site-Plan-(UPDATED)-2-12-16Site plan showing the various elevations and future design at Pyramid Way.

Pyramid-Way-Complex---Site-Elevations-2-12-16Front Retail and Residential Elevation.

Pyramid-Way---Office-&-Managers-Residence---Plans-&-Perspectives-2-12-16Elevation and floor plan of the residence quarters for the manager and the office space.

Pyramid-Way---Office-&-Managers-Residence---Elevations-2-12-16Details for the elevations of the residence quarters for the manager and the office space.

Pyramid-Way---Office-&-Retail-Building-2-12-16Elevation and floor plan of the North side 6,000 foot retail/office building.

Fully enclosed area of the self-storage facility. This area is approximately 50,000 square feet.

Pyramid-Way-Complex---Main-Storage-Bldg---Elevations-2-12-16Front entrance to the fully enclosed self-storage facility with the two loading docks.

Pyramid-Way-Complex---Typical-Storage-Bldg-2-12-16Elevation of the back side of the self-storage facility on Richards Place.

Richards Place Self Storage

Richards Place Self Storage has transformed into an 85,000 square foot self-storage facility. 50,000 square feet of the facility is fully enclosed with another 10,000 square feet being climate controlled. Managers will be able to live on site in the separate residence quarters complete with a two-car garage and rental office.

The front of the building will also have two 6,000 square foot retail office buildings, complete with an outdoor patio built to perfectly accommodate a restaurant.