Let’s Build a Great Downtown

Like anyone who’s lived in this city over the past 35 years, I’ve seen my share of ups and downs. I’ve championed new initiatives, celebrated the progress made, and been knocked back by the force of every burst bubble. At so many points along the way, I could’ve easily thrown my hat in with the chronically disappointed and written Reno off.

But I didn’t, and I won’t.

Because I believe, despite all that has and hasn’t happened in downtown Reno, that we’ve never been closer to a true renaissance than we are right now. And the West 2nd District project we’re currently developing is designed to be a catalyst in that rebirth. In this blog, I hope, not just to shine light on the ideas and innovations that are shaping this project, but to involve you in them.

We deserve a great downtown.

And it’s time we gave ourselves that gift. Not just a tourism place, but an us place. A place of joy that reflects of our culture and our values. A place, as Bob Barengo, a West 2nd board member and lifelong Renoite, likes to say, “…where we can go and just bump into people, like it used to be in downtown Reno.” A place where we can find beauty and inspiration, where we can walk, dine, shop, or just sit quietly and take it all in.

Trust me, creating the West 2nd District will be no small feat. A vast array of highly complex design, engineering, construction, finance, infrastructure, technology, and sustainability systems will all come in to play, but the outcome, the end experience the District will deliver, will be something wonderfully simple: a great place for all of us to just be.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be sharing our roadmap for getting to that place as well as our guiding principles of Responsible Development, Civic Innovation, and Smart Urban Growth.

I hope you’ll come back and read more.



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